Math Card War from Let’s Play Math!

Timez Attack (a pretty cool multiplication video game with a free demo)

Receipt addition/multiplication: Have the students bring in grocery receipts. It’s not uncommon to see more than one of an item purchased (tuna fish, tuna fish, tuna fish). If each can of tuna fish cost 89 cents, how much were the three together? The costs can be added or multiplied depending on the skill that is being reinforced. Other ideas include finding the differences between two sums or products: how much more did three cans of tuna cost than 2 cans of peas? Here’s how the folks at Mathwire describe the site: is designed to provide activities and appropriate worksheets for teachers to use in their classrooms.   All activities and worksheets support the constructivist approach to learning mathematics and the NCTM Standards. Certainly an eye opener here.  When I found out about this site, I turned to another teacher and quipped, “In college they told us not to use worksheets.”  Now I’m linking a site with the word “drill” in it.  Alas…