(Feb 6) Okay, I’ll admit that I found the piece frustrating.  I like it.  I agree with it.  ‘Tain’t gonna happen.  I know that sounds a tad bit defeatist, but really, we want to see measurable results now in everything that we do.  We don’t want to use a crockpot even though it makes a delicious meal; we drop our exercise programs because it will take more than a week to lose those pesky pounds; we’ve forsaken (relatively) clean public transportation because, really, who wants to stop for someone else on the way to the mall?  I’d love to see each of my students having a strong foundation for learning that starts during adolescence, but it just doesn’t test well… (Why, now that I think of it, is it called “elementary” school?)  Enough negativism–now I’ll reread it for my edification as well as that of my class.