500 tweets, that is.

I’m not sure why I started with Twitter, to tell you the truth.  I had to have seen it somewhere, but I don’t recall anyone specifically telling me about it.  I started an account, picked a few people to follow, and sat back to wait.

I was less than enthused.

Then I read, again, “somewhere,” that I needed to follow at least 100 people and try to tweet a few times a day.  I started following more folks.  I tried to follow the standard ratios for professional/personal tweets (I still am not following the person who tweets to inform the world of his/her bodily function routines), and stuck with it.

I like it, I really do.  I’m connecting with people, being directed to resources, and feeling involved in this thing called the Twitterverse. 

To each of the 132 people who follow me (even you, TD), I say “thank you!”  I’m looking forward to the next 500 or even 5,000 tweets.  PLN’s, I believe, are here to stay!