1/18 of the school year is behind us.


I’ve never thought of it that way, and it’s a little sobering to do so.

That said, I’m feelin’ good about it!  School has, indeed, been rolling along for the last two weeks and I’ve actually accomplished almost all that I wanted the class to do.  My emphasis with the students this year has been establishing routines.  I’m a little slow, my wife likes to say, but I get there.  In the past, I’ve sort of tried to establish working routines in the middle of the year (bad plan), but things never really worked out.  This time (hey, it’s only been three years, I’m getting there), I’ve actually implemented AND ENFORCED/MAINTAINED these routines at the beginning of the year.  Good thing, too, because if I hadn’t, this year’s situation would seriously reach up and bite me in the backside.

Concerning my last post: I’m puttering less.  Again, good thing, too, because this year could definitely be a reach up and bite me…  well, you know.