It’s hard to believe that I’ll have students in the morning.  I’ve been thinking about the year ahead, of course, and I’m eager to see how things are going to go. 

Back in June I posted a list of goals for the upcoming year.  I suppose I still have the same goals, but I’ve been pondering a way to wrap them up into a single statement.  I haven’t figured that one out yet, but I have come up with this: Make the best use of the time I’ve been given by living, teaching, and developing my relationships deliberately. 

Deliberately: that’s a tough word for me to live up to.  Honestly, I’ve got a reputation as a putterer and a ponderer.  A daydreamer that is easily distracted, even.  That translates to a lot of time standing and thinking.  I’m certain that there’s some value in that (after all, I’ve done it for so many years), but I’d like to cut back on it. 

Puttering and pondering puts me an hour past the student departure time with no significant activity on my part since they walked out the door.  I know it’s good to relax, but I’ve got to learn to redeem that time.  If nothing else, I need to close the door and go home (a great use of the time in my mind).

I’ll leave that partial thought here for now.