Note: updated 31 July

I’ve been pondering my first read-aloud story for the upcoming school year.  I have a list of books that I usually read, but was looking for something different. 

I’ve been on Twitter for a few months now, and have watched (and contributed) as people consulted their PLN (Personal Learning Network) with various questions.  So, I asked my own question in a tweet: “Trying to decide on the crucial first read-aloud for my 3rd grade class. Leaning toward _The BFG._ Any other suggestions? Please…!”  I followed it up a few hours later with, “I’m still looking for suggestions concerning my first read-aloud of the year (3rd grade). So far: _Sideways Stories from Wayside School_.”  Apparently, 8:00 AM isn’t the time to ask questions, because the later query got a greater response.

Here’s the list:

  • @terriderrough suggested Sideways Stories from Wayside School
  • @alicemercer put forward Tales Julian Tells
  • @MrsTG said The Indian in the Cupboard is a favorite of hers
  • @MaryKK mentioned The Geek Chronicles
  • @Scout7 went way above and beyond the call of duty when she listed (over 3 tweets!)  Charlotte’s Web, Charlie & Chocolate. Factory, Pippi (any!), Stuart Little, Frindle, Mrs. Frisby & Rats of Nihm, From the Mixed Up files of Mrs. Basil E Friankweiler, Ramona the Brave, Bad Beginning, Because of Winn Dixie, The Wizard of Oz, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Holes, and Bud, Not Buddy.  I believe her when she said she “could go on & on.”
  • @Dave_Hatton pitched in a recommendation for Matilda
  • @Critchie17 likes Ferdinand as a springboard for discussion on how we’re all unique.
  • @VandyGr3 recommended Muggie Maggie because of its subject matter: third graders and (gulp) cursive writing (that’s my gulp, not VandyGr3’s!)
  • @kellyhines suggested BunniculaThe TwitsEsio Trot, and any of the Wayside School books.

Wow! It’s incredible to me that I’ve received so much input from so many people!  Thanks again to all of you!