I saw a tweet by Will Richardson this morning in which he asked “Aside from tools, give me one thought about schools or classrooms or education in general that is “new” in the last six months? 12 months?”

I don’t like to put forward unbaked ideas (which is a problem, I know…), but my initial reaction was “regressing.”  I’m referring to technology usage. 

If I was a graphic artist, I’d create a picture of a “pro-technology” teacher buried under a pile of bells and whistles.  I love all of it, but, truth be told, it’s turning into a distraction for me as well as my students.  I know technology has always sat on shelves collecting dust, but I’m starting to see it more and more.

I read a post this morning in which Mark Ahlness discussed the end of the online submission of school newspaper content.  He mentioned “buy-in” and a lack of student commitment as possible problems.  That post, I suppose, feeds my thinking: are we am I jumping the shark (albeit, a little bit at a time) with technology usage? Would my students sometimes be better served with a box of crayons?  Hmm.  Maybe I’m just tired because it’s the end of the year…

Note: as I’m re-reading this post I see that it’s (despite the sentiment in the 2nd paragraph) not nearly baked enough.  More to follow.