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Wordle is cool.  I think it’s neat that you get to see a graphic representation of what you look at “arranged” by order of importance.  What do you bookmark the most?

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For blogging, I guess.  I’ve seen a dramatic decrease in activity as I scan my feed reader–I guess that the end of the school year is a time to relax for everyone!

Not that I’ve been relaxing too much.  My summer started with a roof leak (arrgh–now it’s progressed to getting a new roof), and moved quickly into the NATC where I presented on blogging (mixed reviews…I got a lot of positive feedback but (I guess this is typical) there was so much material that I still wanted/needed to cover when it was over).  Now I’m in the middle of AMSTI.

AMSTI has been good so far, but (and this is a good thing) it’s covering a lot of material that I learned in college a few years ago.  That only makes sense, I suppose.  Athens seemed to do a pretty good job of presenting up-to-date material when I was there.  Last week we covered Science Year 1 which included chemical tests, plant growth, and weather (GLOBE).  We’ve got Math Year 2 scheduled for next week.

AMSTI looks like a great program.  Implementation in the classroom is going to be a challenge.  We’ll make it happen, though…we always do.  This is one of those times in which I’m glad that I’m still new at this teaching thing; our grade level is implementing a new reading curriculum on top of ARI and DIBELS in addition to “doing” math and science a new way as a result of this summer’s training.  It’s almost like starting over!  Some of the veteran teachers are finding themselves back at square one.

It’s going to be an interesting year!

I just thought of another summer activity: I attended a classroom management workshop that AA&MU sponsored.  Not bad.

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