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A few minor victories!

We finished our first “movie” today! Each of the students took pictures of multiplication arrays and used them to make Microsoft Photo Story movies. PowerPoint intro slides, text added with PS, and created music: they did a lot and had fun doing it. We’ll try again next week with solid objects–I’m looking forward to it.

Logo programming is going well. We haven’t had as many “formal” lessons as I would like, but that might be OK. I was looking at the AMSTI web site and had to chuckle: next year (year 2) we’ll be learning a program called “Turtle Tracks.” Gee, I wonder what programming language that’s based on…

Logo is really cool; I recommend it for students K and up.


I’d love to say that I’ve been doing tons of stuff worth writing about, but it just ain’t so!  There have been, however, a few worthwhile things of note:

– My students have started their first Photo Story 3 project on arrays.  The picture taking went well, and the PS3 is going well so far.  I’m looking forward to wrapping them up next week.

– I’ll be presenting on (of all things) blogging this summer at the North Alabama Technology Conference.  Here’s the blog that I’ll be teaching from: .  Truth be told, I’d rather write a lesson plan in a wiki, but I’m not teaching wikis, now am I?

– The class is programming turtle graphics in Logo!  This is too cool, and I’m really looking forward to working with it next year when I’ve got the whole year to spread it out.  If you haven’t worked with Logo, you need to.  I’m using FMSLogo, and recommend it highly.

OK, I’m at a loss for what to write here…

That said, the “reportable stuff” is over. We’ve still got social studies and science, but those, “boy he finished that test fast…” thoughts are a thing of the past. For this year.

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