The article that I linked to in the previous post really struck a chord in light of my recent ruminations.  I’ve spent about a year cruising through the known world (known to me, that is) of the edublogosphere and have been overwhelmed by the discussions about technology and how to teach as we move deeper into the 21st century.

I blog here and in the classroom, I’ve got a classroom wiki, I use technology for presenting material (audio, video, and, of course, PowerPoint), and I’m versed in all of the elements of a standard productivity package such as MS Office.  I can easily pick up and learn new programs and web-gadgets.  But what is the role of all that in the core of my teaching effort.  Do I need any of that to effectively teach third grade readin’, writin’, or ‘rithmatic?  I do use it, but is it actually interfering with my effort or is it helping it?

I teach in a relatively affluent area; my students have all the latest gadgets and many have a respectable degree of skill with the latest video games and such.  That doesn’t mean they have a clue about any of the things I mentioned in the last paragraph, and I just wonder if it’s worth the time to teach it.

Feel free.  Stone me for blasphemy.