I was doing my evening cruise through edublog-land and stumbled across Polski3’s blog.  While his latest blog entry was as thoughtful as ever, it was a simple phrase that caught my eye and served as a good slap upside the ol’ noggin.

I thought of an interesting bit of “Educational language” the other day…..as I was writing the directions for a history “Expansion of the Roman Empire” 4 + 4 activity, a “different” way to tell the students to copy some information for their project occurred to me.

There it is…did you see it?  He said, “…as I was writing…” in reference to something he was preparing for his class.

I’m guilty of apathy.

I could present a strong defense, I’m sure.  I’m overwhelmed with school, I’ve got a family that isn’t getting its share of my time, I need to breathe in between all of my commitments: good excuses, but none of them really hold water when I ponder the fact that I haven’t produced an original teaching product/tool/aid in several months.  Not even a chart for the wall.  Nada.  Zip.

I really am trying to do my best, but I think I’ve gotten a bit too comfortable with the basal and its associated teaching tools.  It’s a good basal.  The teaching tools (read: worksheets) are good stuff.  But I haven’t contributed much other than an hour or so at the copier.

What to do…