I check on the blog almost every day, but it’s a bit difficult to find time to post.  Judging from a glance around the blogosphere, it looks like I’m not the only educator that’s a little bit busy as the new year gets rolling.

What’s going on in the classroom?  My students have experimented with Tuxpaint and seem to really enjoy using it.  I’m still looking for that first opportunity to use it for a project, but the comfort level seems to be there.

Our poems came out great on paper, and really look good as a .jpg when they’re put into Windows MovieMaker.  Unfortunately, I’ve learned that WMM posts pics in “landscape only,” so our “portrait” pictures have large black areas to both sides.  The audio didn’t go so well.  Who’da thunk it, but third-graders are a bit microphone-shy.  Getting a workable audio level is proving to be problematic with my simple setup.  Cranking the gain in Audacity provides a proportionally large amount of background noise.  I’m working on an inexpensive recording technique that’s workable.

On the non-tech side, we’ve been using the new Comprehension Toolkit with some success.  It’s a bit slow for now, but it looks like it’s going to work well.  I’m thinking about how students could “think” into different electronic documents.  Typing speed could be the bottleneck there…