Well, the first 12 days are in the “to reflect on” file.  It’s been a good start; I’ve got a great class and am excited about the new year.

Technology…   We’ve actually started using the computers in the classroom, and we’ve had a trip to the computer lab.  I don’t think it’s a surprise that our biggest problem has been–you guessed it–time.  You know, it’s not a quick process to find time for 18 students to use 2 computers.

I’ve  actually got 5 in the classroom, but 3 of them belong to the district.  I wanted the students to experiment with Tuxpaint.  I really like that program because it’s: easy to use, free, versatile and capable, and free.  Did I mention free?  Anyway, it was a successful first attempt at using technology in the classroom to produce a product (sort of…I disabled the save function) and I’m happy with how it went.  This week I’m going to find out if I can run the program from a CD on the school computers.  I’m probably not going to be able to install it.

What’s on tap for this week?  The students will be writing color poems, illustrating them (on paper), and scanning the images and text into some sort of pic file (TBD).  I want them to record an audio version of their poem; we’ll put it all together into a single video file.  I’m excited about the possibility…we’ll see how it goes.