Call me crazy, but it seems like there’s been a lot less “edublogging” going on over the last few days.  Mind you, I don’t read all that many blogs, but things do seem to have slowed down.  Maybe teachers are a bit busy…I don’t know.

Actually, I know that I’m busy!  I’ve got a new class and it looks like a good one (okay, I’d probably say that about most classes).  Now it’s time to put my tech scheming into action!

The class wiki ( ) and the class blog ( ) are both fired up.  So far, I’ve been the only contributor…but they’re ready to go!  We’ll see what happens.  Right now we’re working on basic paragraphs in class, so I’m still sort of waiting to see what comes down the ol’ pipe as far as writing is concerned.  I’ve got a good feeling, though.