The title of this post is a bit of a joke, actually. I did quite a bit during my break: travel, family, reading, a few things on the ol’ to-do list, and some time just hanging out. I’m not going to write about most of that, though.

This summer I discovered the online realm of the elementary (mostly*) school teacher. When I consider the thousands of classrooms across the country, I realize that I haven’t seen all that many classrooms–but I’ve seen a bunch!

The Internet is host to quite a few caring, talented, competent, and inspiring educators. They blog, they wiki (is that a verb yet?), they compose and maintain websites. Why do they do it? Why do they take the time on top to work online in addition to an incredibly busy schedule? I think it’s because they see the future, and they realize it is in the hands of their students. Digital natives? Not many of them. Guides and pioneers for the digital native? I think so.

Kind of in a maudlin mood. Sorry ’bout that.

*As an elementary educator, I haven’t sought out many middle or secondary educator sites–I’m sure there must be some great ones, though.