Wanna see how classroom 2.0 is done? Mark Ahlness of Seattle, Washington has got it going on!

Here’s his blog: Mark’s edtechblog

Here’s his class’ blog: Room 12

Here’s the intro to a series he’s writing about how he and his class blogged through ’06-07

His post brought up a question that I’m really struggling with: will children (read future generations) “abandon” traditionally published literature in favor of a digital substitute? I don’t mean to sound alarmist, but I’m one of those people that believe our social discourse has been seriously disrupted by the past 15 years of our society consuming “News McNuggets” versus sitting down to read the paper and watching the news in the evening.

In all fairness, the “abandon” question could very well be asked about my generation (I’m 42). Other questions: Did the “oral tradition folks” lament the arrival of the printed book? Did the readers lament the arrival of radio and (shudder) television? Given that change is inevitable, should we just sit back and enjoy the ride? Is my attitude simply a “finger in the dike?” (For those of you scratching your head, here’s a reference for that allusion <grin>.)