Before I met with my principal, I updated my activities a bit to reflect a conference or two…

Front page activities:

1. Complete the Alabama Professional Development module entitled Classroom and Behavior Management

2. Attend Assuring Positive Academic/Social Consequences Through Positive Management of Student Classroom Behavior (25 Jun 07)

3. Work with a mentor teacher to develop and implement a written classroom management plan

4. Observe different teachers to develop an understanding of their classroom management plan

5. Complete a book study on Classroom Management for Elementary Teachers

Back page (technology) activities :

1. incorporate UnitedStreaming video material into my lessons

2. develop opportunities for students to produce technology-based products

3. develop an interactive weblog for parent and student interaction

4. develop and implement plans for student produced material utilizing programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Movie Maker, Excel, and Photo Story

5. attend Are you “Aiken” to Begin Blogging in Your Classroom?

6. attend Get “Carrie’d” Away with Digital Storytelling