OK, it’s time for another new thing. The first year is over tomorrow (!) so it’s time to develop the PDP in preparation for next year.

The main focus of my PDP is going to be classroom management (both indicators: time management and student behavior). I realize that if I want next year to be better, I need to come up with a different way of doing things. How does the cliche go? Something about not expecting different results from doing things the same way…

Anyway, I’ve got the meeting with my evaluator coming up on Thursday. Here are the goals and activities I’ve devloped so far. I expect that my meeting will give birth to version 2.0 without any major revisions to 1.0. I’m good with that–this is my first time!

PD goal number 1

Develop and implement a classroom/behavior management plan that maximizes instructional time and minimizes behavior and procedural disruptions


– Complete the Alabama Professional Development module entitled Classroom and Behavior Management

– Attend (Conference Name) during the summer break

– Work with a mentor teacher to develop and implement a written classroom management plan

– Observe different teachers to develop an understanding of their classroom management plan

– Complete a book study on Classroom Management for Elementary Teachers

PD goal number 2

Further develop the technology aspect of my teaching effort to include lesson presentation/ reinforcement, student usage of technology, and communication with parents



– incorporate UnitedStreaming video material into my lessons

– develop opportunities for students to produce technology-based products

– develop an interactive weblog parent interaction

– develop and implement plans for student produced material utilizing programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Movie Maker, Excel, and Photo Story